Custom Christmas Spirit

Custom Service Crane's custom-made Christmas tree using a tower crane, 15K lights, and a 10 foot start.
A customized tower crane Christmas tree lights up the skies at our Fisher, IL office for miles with over 15,000 lights, and a 10 foot star, the total height just over 100 feet!

In the winter of 2015, owner Randy Huffman realized how well part of a tower crane could work for a Christmas tree. As an extra tower crane was available, Randy shared his vision with the Custom Service Crane crew. Staff worked to string lights, 15,000 in all, weld a customized 10′ star, and assemble the monumental symbol of our Christmas spirit. After many hours of labor, a glowing tree over 100 feet illuminated our quaint community’s skies for miles. Neighbors stopped in, called, and sent tokens of their appreciation. Custom Service Crane was touched by the response and enjoyed contributing our equipment to local holiday joy. In December 2016, the custom Christmas tree returned; this time concrete was poured to providing a more stable base for this year and future returns.